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Digital content industry has been one of the major focuses in the Two Trillion and Twin Star Industry Development Plan of our government. To meet the increasing demand of technologists in multimedia-related industries, the department ofmultimedia and game science was established. Information technology is integrated with expertise in arts with a view to cultivating technologists skilled in digital games, computer animation, network multimedia, and digital audio-visual applications. It is expected that rational thinking for creative software and sensitive appeal in design will be dually accomplished.


The university has provided a wide range of facilities and work rooms for our students such as MAC Multimedia Studio, Exhibition Room, PC Game Teaching Center, Digital Film Studio, Digital Content Production Studio, Game Design Studio, Digital Recording Studio, Game Testing Studios, Project Lab, and Digital Content Teaching Studio. All the efforts we were made are to achieve our objectives in developing 〝online games, interactive multimedia, virtual reality, 3-D engine and computer animation,〞 which have made us one of the specialists in the area of multimedia and game science worldwide. 



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